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Population scale data reveals the antidepressant effects of ketamine and other therapeutics approved for non-psychiatric indications    << ARTICLE LINK

This article looked at the adverse event reporting system, evaluating the ‘side effects’ of Ketamine, which demonstrated LOWER depression rates in patients using Ketamine for pain. These same patients had fewer side effects from those pain medicines as well when they used Ketamine. In numerous settings, we have utilized Ketamine as an adjunct to control pain when opioids have failed (i.e.morphine) with excellent results.

Depression affects 8-12 % of the population at any one time and steals away quality of life as well as productivity. Depression is listed as the 4th leading cause of disease burden on the population by the World Health Organization.
Standard medications, such as SSRI antidepressants, may be ineffective or take several weeks to begin to have any effect. Ketamine has been shown to result in immediate (12-24 hours) improvement of depressive symptoms in a large percentage of patients. We see the same in many of our office infusions.

There is an inflammatory component to depression. This same article points out that Diclofenac, minocycline (an antibiotic), and Botox, also have some antidepressant effect as a result of their anti-inflammatory effects.

The bottom line is that Ketamine showed effectiveness for treatment-resistant depression in this article.

Has anyone had Botox with a Ketamine infusion? Just curious…


The rest of the article can be easily accessed from the above Link.

Botox and ketamine could help treat depression, study finds